PE Chemical Tanks – Your Great Choice for Bulk Chemical Storage

Four PE chemical tanks in different sizes

PE Chemical Tank

PE chemical tanks are rotationally molded from imported high quality PE raw materials, which have excellent resistant to acids and alkalis. These tanks have smooth internal and external surfaces and easy to clean. They are commonly used as storage tanks for a wide range of chemicals and can be widely used in water treatment and purification industries, chemical mixing industries and any industry that require storage of chemicals.


  • Imported high quality PE raw materials, one-step rotational moulding process.
  • Seamless, single-piece construction
  • Inner and outer smooth surfaces, nontoxic and odourless
  • Excellent chemical resistance, environmental stress crack resistance and impact resistance
  • Outstanding high temperature and low temperature resistance
  • No embrittlement, no leakage, no moss and no scaling
  • The inner surface is easy to clean and has good hygienic property and corrosion resistance
  • Lightweight, easy to install, handle and transport


Model Capacity (L) Dimensions (mm) Color
CD-80L 80 D400 × H680 White
CD-100L 100 D450 × H680 White
CD-200L 200 D550 × H900 White
CD-300L 300 D650 × H1940 White
CD-500L 500 D800 × H1000 White
CD-1000L 1000 D1050 × H1290 White
CD-2000L 2000 D1350 × H1550 White
In dimensions column, D stands for diameter and H stands for height, both are expressed in mm.

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