Snowate- One-stop purchase supplier of water treatment industry

As a senior sourcing expert on water treatment facilities and accessories, Hengshui Snowate Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. has extensive water treatment expertise, profound water treatment industry experience and a deep understanding of the water treatment industry purchasing demands. As a consequence, we are capable of providing one-stop purchase and technical support on water treatment facilities and accessories according to our customers' applications, thereby helping our customers to shorten the procurement cycle, reduce procurement costs and maximize economic benefits.

At Snowate, our procurement covers a comprehensive range of water treatment facilities and components, mainly including FRP water tanks, membrane housings, membrane elements, cartridges, security filters, metering pumps, etc. These products are widely used in drinking water, commercial water, municipal, medical, food and other fields.

We integrate upstream supply chain products of the water treatment industry. In addition, we work with renowned suppliers and manufacturers. As a result, we can continuously supply high-quality water treatment components and systems for customers across the world to meet the needs of a wide range of applications, thereby optimizing water resources and promoting the sustainable development of the global environment.

Winder FRP RO housing since 2006, ASME certification in 2014: 

  • 100% quality assurance test with 1.1 times of working pressure maintained for at least five minutes, we could guarantee the safety and no leakage. Not sampling test.
  • Quality Assurance
    • Burst test with 6 times of its design pressure;
    • 100000 times cycle test.

Arclion FRP Softener Tanks

  • Fatigue test: 100000 times.
  • Burst test: 4 times of its design pressure.
  • Small tanks use 600 tex fiberglass, not 1200 tex fiberglass, with strong better pressure coefficient and safety factor.
  • Arclion tanks with upper filling port/lower discharge port and Positive and negative pressure automatic protection device is available.
  • OEM FRP tanks also available.