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Two 8 inch FRP membrane housing is fixed on the metal shelf.Several 4 inch FRP membrane housings is lying on the ground.A set of 8 inch FRP pressure vessels is operating in the factory.

Membrane Housing - Water Purification/Sewage Disposal

Three different colors of FRP pressure vessel are lying on the black plastic bag, the left one is red, the middle one is blue and the right one is white.

FRP membrane housing also called FRP pressure vessel, is popular used for waste water treatment system. Made of fiberglass, through winding technique, with polyurethane coated layer, based on these high efficiency machines with high precision process, thereby ensuring the production of excellent membrane housing. And we provide you with four different kinds of FRP membrane housing, 2.5" FRP membrane housing, 4" FRP membrane housing, 8" FRP membrane housing, 8" ultrafiltration FRP membrane housing, each one has various specifications for your selection.

What's more, our membrane housing is easy to install and disassemble, this can save a lot of time and maintenance costs for our customers. FRP membrane housing features attractive appearance and high strength is applicable in electron, electric power, metallurgy, chemical, food and drinking water, desalination, waste water treatment, etc. In the face of membrane housing market growing demand, we are still strict with the quality of pressure vessels and promise you with the best product.

Performance characteristics:

Excellent and reliable internal quality.
Using microcomputer controlled automatic filament winding, The main materials are the epoxy resin and fiberglass materials and through special processing. And this makes our FRP membrane housing is better in pressure, temperature, corrosion resistant degree than ordinary steel, plastic and other materials.

Excellent insulation performance.
Thermal conductivity of FRP membrane housing is generally in the range of 0.15 - 1.36 W (m.k) at room temperature condition, which is about only 1/200. Its insulating property is metal material can not be compared. This property is good for membranes inside the membrane shell, ensuring the outside temperature has little effect on the effect on the membrane.

Outstanding corrosion resistance.
Fiberglass and epoxy resin combined with the proportion of special curing process, form a natural corrosion resistant products, the smooth inner surface and coated layer has good stability to the low concentration of acid, alkali, salt, oil and other solvents. This creates effective inhibition to the sea water and microorganisms that enter in the shell. Long-term use with no corrosion.

Six pictures to show the matching components of pressure vessel.

Structure design.
For the shell barrel body, head, slot after strict paving layer design and optimization calculation details that ensure the safety of the structure. At the same time it ensures the safety and stability of the structure under long-term pressure.
The optimized design for the side port of the concentrated water can satisfy the necessary safety pressure of four sides on one head, and the variability of installation process is strengthened.

Comprehensive performance of premium FRP membrane housing:

  • Excellent internal structure performance is safe and reliable.
  • Excellent matching components offer perfect sealing pressure performance.
  • Good external surface treatment makes FRP membrane housing still as good as new in any hot and humid environment.
  • The universal property of pressure vessel can be matched with the reverse osmosis membrane series at home and abroad.
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FRP membrane housing is built to maximize the performance of your water purification systems.

An enlarged picture of white 2.5 inch FRP membrane housing.

2.5 Inch FRP Membrane Housing

2.5 inch FRP membrane housing with polyurethane coated protection is applicable in industrial processing, seawater desalination, metallurgical, etc.
A detailed picture to show white 4 inch side port FRP membrane housing.

4 Inch FRP Membrane Housing

4 inch FRP membrane housing with excellent anti-corrosion property is suitable in electric power, waste water treatment, seawater desalination, etc.
Two different connection type of white 8 inch FRP membrane housing, and the left is end port design, right is side port design.

8 Inch FRP Membrane Housing

8 inch FRP membrane housing as water filtration and purifier system is used in metallurgy, food and beverage, chemical, desalination, power, etc.
A white side port 8 inch ultrafiltration FRP membrane housing.

8 Inch Ultrafiltration FRP Membrane Housing

8 inch ultrafiltration FRP membrane housing with solid shell structure is popular used in industrial wastewater treatment and desalination, chemical.
Applied FRP Membrane Housing

FRP membrane housing is widely used in electronics manufacturing, industrial processing, seawater desalination, metallurgical, medicine, power generation, waste water treatment, etc.


FRP membrane housing is a kind of high pressure device, incorrect pressure vessel installation method may cause loss of life, severe bodily harm or property damage. Therefore our engineers provide you with specific and comprehensive technical support guidance, and solve your technical problems in time.

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